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Building a better planet.


We understand that solid construction management and comprehensive inspections are vital to a properly executed project. At Planit PM, our hands-on, experienced staff understands every piece of the puzzle and applies a real-world approach to our designs. With over twenty years of construction management expertise, we can handle projects ranging from a small engagement to a large offshore project. Let our team of engineering professionals complement your project to ensure cost savings and project success.


Energizing the planet.


Our oil and gas expertise runs deep ®. We have extensive experience in upstream, mid-stream and downstream. Our consultants have worked on deepwater projects with depths of 5,600’+ in the Gulf of Mexico. Our consultants will work closely with your project team to determine the most cost efficient and effective strategies for your onshore, offshore or production projects. Whether your project is a Brownfield revamp or a new platform, our team of professionals at Planit PM will work together with your company to achieve success.


Planit PM is committed to serving your needs. We have over 20 years experience managing projects of all shapes and sizes, and from all types of industries. We've done projects all over the map. Below is an abbreviated list of some of the projects we have successfully completed. Contact us to see how we can help manage your needs. 


​New energy sources for a cleaner and brighter planet.


Today’s marketplace requires reliable electric service, prompt and accurate responses to customer problems, and efficient business processes and reporting. The power infrastructure is a complex system that requires extensive detailed analysis to determine if it is operating efficiently and effectively. We can provide a variety of electrical engineering studies in the areas of resource facilities (including wind farms), transmission and distribution facilities, and commercial and industrial facilities. Our engineers and technicians have significant experience in the study of electric power facilities for utility systems and commercial and industrial facilities throughout the United States.



Connecting people to a smarter planet.


Technology projects are often characterized as large, complex, costly initiatives that are integral to an organization operating in an efficient and cost-effective manner. These projects require the coordination of multiple, concurrent processes; numerous technical and business resources, cutting-edge technologies and software vendors. The implementation steps and requirements must be tightly coordinated and monitored in order to achieve the desired outcome and not waste valuable time, money, and resources.  Planit PM has the expertise to manage large scale ERP implementations, information management, infrastructure projects, information security and custom software development projects.

Keeping the wheels of business turning.


No matter how great your sales are if you can’t deliver product it’s pretty much over. In recent years, rapid global expansion of businesses has introduced a requirement to focus more on improving supplier relationships. Today’s environment requires a more efficient product flow and increasing agility across the supply chain to deliver products on time. Supply chain transparency has become critical for companies to manage the rising levels of risk in an environment where corporate supply chain practices are attracting ever increasing legal, regulatory, and consumer scrutiny. We can help companies build a lasting competitive advantage at every level of their operation, from product development, planning and sourcing to manufacturing, logistics and distribution. We specialize in connecting high-level strategies to measurable results.

Designing a better planet.


Planit PM is committed to providing you with innovative engineering solutions for your upstream, midstream, downstream and Industrial projects. We pride ourselves on our talented team of engineers.

We can provide PRE-FEED studies prior to the beginning of the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) phase of a project. This allows us to narrow down the possibilities into a single concept that can be further analyzed during the FEED phase that follows. During the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase of a project specifics are further tested for cost-effectiveness, timeliness and other quality indicators. This approach ensures that the design and execution phase are grounded in practice and application and not just theory.



On the cutting edge of tomorrow.


Our wide ranging and diverse healthcare consulting capabilities and expertise are supported by delivery methods such as process assessments, requirements sessions, Kaizen events, lean assessments, and issue-specific engagements. We bring creativity and know-how to each unique situation as well as specialized tools, techniques and templates that accelerate project execution and adoption of change throughout the healthcare industry. Our teams work closely with hospital leadership and staff to effectively manage projects from kickoff through completion with the highest level of quality, performance, and measurable results.

​New products to enhance and improve the planet.


New product development is critical to an organization’s growth and sustainability. We have expertise in 3D printing that can help provide rapid new product development by creating and designing new concepts and evolving ideas. Our expert technology team can help design and develop new products for organization’s that span a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and consumer products.  We provide a one-stop product development service for you to take your product from the initial conception phase to design, development, manufacturing and finally to market.



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